About US

Have you ever heard of the word “iyasaka”?

In kanji, it is 弥栄 or 彌榮 which means “to prosper more and more” in Japanese, and is a word of congratulations.

As well as the fact that the word is no longer familiar, it seems that most people live their lives without even knowing that they have the power of iyasaka that can flourish ourselves more and more.

We can see the people around us who’ve spent a lot of time worrying about the future and short-circuiting stimulating pleasures.
How could that have happened?
Why the people made to become a slave to money and worn out by their daily life?
Why the people made not to be able to make the most of their natural roles that they are born to play?

How can they become aware of the seeds of abundance within them?
We were searching for the answer.

Unexpectedly we find the clue in hemp.
That is the source of a fiber that has grown on Japanese lands since ancient times and plays an important role in Shinto rituals and imperial events.

By touching the fibers of this plant, which has the power of purification, and we can connect with ourselves.And our hazy vision becomes clearer.
It will naturally lead you to the place where your soul originally wanted to be.

IYASAKA will create opportunities for each and every one of you to remember the power of Iyasaka within yourself through hemp ornaments, amulets, and workshops.